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(if you can send a text, you can use our products)

How to I get started?

Well, firstly make sure that you have an NFC phone and that NFC is turned on.

When done, tap your enabled NFC phone onto the product, enter what info you can and then hit submit.

You will then get an email confirming your user name/s and your automatically set password

We have made everything as easy as possible to get you started.

If you have purchased a keyring then you should have also received this instruction card

You can make some information private or public. Just remember to reset your password and only make public the information that you don't mind others seeing. This keyring is now unique to you and your car.

Tap keyring with an NFC enabled phone

Enter details as requested

Hit ' SUBMIT '

Sign out and Tap key ring again.

It will now show details as given

Login to add details

User Name: Number Plate (as you entered it)

Your password is: password (Automatically set for every account)

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Once logged in.

Once you have logged in, you can see your private view and then an edit button. Then you can edit your information and then simply tap the button to make it appear in the view you wish. Once saved, log out and then re tap your keyring to see your public view.

We make public any information needed in the case of a bingle and details have to be exchanged, so we know they are only a tap away.

How do I get the most out of my purchase?

Short notes can be added, which you can set to public or private, for quick reminders plus you can add other notes on your printed out visual reminder. The visual reminder can be stuck on the fridge or displayed in your car, as visual reminders are what trigger your memory of future dates and things related to that time frame.

We print our one off and stick it to the fridge door, plus we also put a copy in the glove box. If you scan the QR code, it also takes you to your public view. We added this so any passengers could scan and view, so they can see you are upto date, as no tax/rego, no insurance. Parents will understand this one!!

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What do we do with your Rkive data?

Nothing! Basically we treat it all as your data, which we are helping you to Rkive and retrieve at anytime. We don't sell it to 3rd parties or spam you. Everything is put behind security walls with encryption used to protect what we store. We do not ask for your surname or need your surname to recognise your account. As every number plate is unique in each country, there is only ever one account per car number plate. We do not store any credit card details on our system and do not require those details to be held, as we do not run lock in contracts.

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You don't require credit card details?

As we don't run lock in hosting contracts, we therefore do not require any credit card details to be stored anywhere. When you activate your keyring, you automatically get 12 months hosting, from that day and after that time is up, your account will show a pop up asking for prepayment for the next 12 months, with a credit card option. Enter your card details and our payment gateway provider will take care of the rest, through their security firewalls, so we never see or handle any of your CC details. We currently use Stripe to do this part www.stripe.com as do Google, Uber and Spotify, to name a few. Our current hosting fee paid 12 months in advance is set at 50p/A$1 a month.

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